Orange box review

Orange box review
Hey guys! Do you remember the Orange Box packed with peta-impressive games? In the history of gaming, it was and is one of the best and greatest values for money one can spend on. This gaming console is packed with the world-class content which is being redefined from the classic games by Valve. It is basically a package for everyone as it is equipped with almost everything which a gamer seeks out for. It includes all the greatest 1st person shooters as well as the original and best content chosen from throughout the year.

The Orange Box comes with five distinct games including Half-Life 2 with sequels Episode One and Two, Portal: A puzzle game and Team Fortress 2. The game Half-Life 2 with its sequel of Episode One was released back in 2004 and 2006 simultaneously for PC. Other three games including Episode 2 along with Portal and Team Fortress 2 layout the whole new content. The content is quite identical of The Orange Box PS3 version and Xbox 360 which is recently launched and PC versions.
All the games are based on impressive graphics engine but they are quite different from each other as these are something stored in for everyone. On PC, these games are launched separately but on Xbox 360, these games open up in a menu where in the user can select any of the five games and when they quit a particular game, it directs them back to the selection menu. There are vast differences between the PC version and Xbox 360 version of the games but it quite hard for going wrong with any of the one version.

For the beginners, it is recommended to go with PC version of The Orange Box which is even 10$ cheaper than the Xbox 360 version and even it will look better only if you have modern hardware for your PC. The Orange Box version Xbox 360 doesn’t run as smoothly as the PC version might be because of the frame rate. The graphics used in the games look quite good in the 2004 version rather than in 2007 one and even they doesn’t do any marvellous job while viewing them on HDTV.
The games included in The Orange Box features a perfect combo of thought-provoking gameplay along with a sense of humour which is even terrific. All the five games have got outstanding sound and even users will never get ended up with anything on the disc. Though the predecessors stand out as a relatively weak link in comparison with the sequels but playing them is a fun too.
Besides all, The Orange Box is a great deal for all which gives an ultimate experience of playing video games. Do you think it needs more improvement?