The Unbeatable Army for Glorious Battle in Throne Rush

Game becomes one of the most popular entertainment today that is why it is completely easy to find challenging and exciting game with excellent graphic. Strategic game becomes interesting not only for children but also for adult. One of the game that people need to try is throne rush. This is an awesome game which let you build your own empire by raising the strong units to win battle and creating strong defense to against any attack. For those who have not any clue yet about this game, here it is the information that would be very useful. Throne rush is an online cross-platform game that can be played in PC through social media Facebook or using Android by downloading via Google Play and via App Store for iPhone.

Playing throne rush is full of human interaction where other player can testing their own strategy through a combat or building a brotherhood where player can join with other player to help other member revenge or avenge. First of all, of course it is demanded to build your throne rush empire. There are 19 buildings which need to build in order to complete the maximum strength of the game both for offend and the defend. Each building has its own benefit and function such as the archer tower which can defend the base from enemy’s attack or barrack that will allow you to create your army units. Just like the real empire, the game will need the player to collect money, food, army units, castle, treasury and walls for defend. Besides building, the army unites are required to raise to collect money and food by attacking other player’s base since growing food and collecting money from the windmill by itself took too long and not enough to expanding the base.

To attack the other player, sometimes army units itself is hardly to win the war especially if the enemy has good defense. The heroes are special force that can be bought with gems not money. This creature has special ability by could not be die. They just need to sleep in certain period then they can be deploy in another attack. Both the army units and hero have their own strength and weakness that is why it is recommended to deploy them in right spot. As the additional information, during the base attack the player could not control the hero and the army units. Once they are deployed, they will destroy the building and the defense of the enemy.
Another thing about throne rush is that the game will simultaneously make you interesting since there are many things to take care and each item in the game starting from the building, the army units, heroes and the rest are capable and need to be upgraded for greater function. It seems hard to play but actually once you play the throne rush then the rest thing which needs to do is enjoying and having fun with it. The last recommendation is starting play the throne rush then have a happy war and you might want to try this Throne rush hack tool.

Hero zero – the German game

Now available for Android and iOS, Hero Zero is a port of the highly successful multiplayer browser game in which you must transform a goofy-looking geek into a powerful superhero, albeit with a lot of humorous touches and funny graphics along the way. One of the great things about the Hero Zero game is that once you have created an account, you can log in to Hero Zero on any platform and continue playing from the position that you left off. This means that should you upgrade your smart phone to a laptop or change from an Android tablet to an iPad, the Hero Zero game will work on all of them and you won’t have to start playing it from the very beginning.You might want to try this hero zero tool:
Another nice feature is that you can change the look and even the gender of your heroic character at any time. With the purpose of the game really being little more than gaining enough coins to play dress-up, it’s a lot of fun for younger players in particular to be able to play with either gender’s virtual doll without creating a new profile. The name of the character will, however, remain the same.

After a very brief tutorial of only one level, the Hero Zero screen is populated with a lot of unexplained icons which only reveal their purpose once they are held down for a tooltip to appear. Although some of the icons are more obvious than others, such as a telephone for missions, a boxing glove for fights, and energy drink cans for boosters, navigation takes a while to get used to. Added to this, none of the activities can be performed in the background while another is selected, and as a consequence getting the balance right is important. Skipping through timers using donuts is, of course, another option for impatient players.
As a battle game, Hero Zero is similar to playing card games such as Top Trumps. Once accrued points have been spread between “Strength”, “Stamina”, “Brain”, and “Intuition” skills, and the hero has been dressed in whichever items could be afforded, there is little to see on screen other than the hero and the opponent being bombarded with hits. Skipping this to the end reveals who won and who lost, plus the amount of coins won or lost during the battle. Depending on how ill-matched the hero and enemy are is what will yield the greatest wins or losses. Taking on more powerful opponents is a quick way to gain experience and level-up, but it can also result in a loss of all your coins. Evenly matched opponents do not provide such huge rewards, but many more of them can be beaten.
Missions take place in 12 different areas, but there is nothing very different about them other than the background graphic, the number of missions available on each level, and the time it takes to complete them. There really isn’t a lot of animation involves in Hero Zero but everything is nicely drawn anyway. Strategically working out which missions and battles to complete first, how to train your hero, and which items to buy from the shop are what creates the addictive aspect of the game.

As with similar free games, Hero Zero relies on revenue from players needing to buy donuts to bypass mission timers or coins to buy more equipment for their hero. Thus, it pays to be more frugal with donuts rather than the coins which can be won in battle or from completing jobs or quests. Leaving your hero to work overnight guarantees that there will be coins available to spend on costumes, accessories and weapons the next time you log-in again.

Game of War Fire Age Hack for you


Game of War Fire Age Hack

If you love playing games that are mostly regarding battles together with evil forces, you will enjoy playing Game of War Fire Age Hack on . This is a global online game that has gained a lot of popularity in recent times. There are many challenging aspects to this game and using cheats and hacks can go a long way into helping you pursue the game. What makes this game unique is the fact that it is a true competition and will definitely give other people in the industry a challenge. The game of War Fire Age Hack feature that is available online makes it easy for those who want to enjoy the game to hack to the software and be able to have fun by actively playing the game without any problems.

Game Of War Fire Hack


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Game of War Fire Age Hack comparing to other hacks

The Game of Fire Age Hack is done by professional programmers. The software doesn’t have a virus, and it costs nothing to have it running in your computer. The game is continuously dominating other players by making use of its key features like gold generator, unlimited chips,9 million ISO-8,and achieving maximum and limitless resources for example stone, wood, silver and food. The Game of War Fire Age Hack will therefore aid you in discovering how to receive unlimited gold and silver, adding free food to your account to stay healthy and remaining completely undetected of having used a hack.

Game Of War Fire Hack

Making use of Game of War Fire Age Hack is an easy task as you will just have to download our program me and do the installation, select your platform and click connects. If you use an ios,connect it first to your PC.Then enter amount for every resource, finally click hack, wait some few seconds and there you have the game with unlimited resources.

Most of these games are usually monetized to help the company earn more than it certainly should. You will hence need to buy rare metal from the phone app store of your own phone together with real cash. Although the game is fun, buying all gold necessary with real cash can make it extremely damaging but with the Game of War Fire Age Hack, you’ll be spared all these stress. Don’t spend your money on downloadable hacks. They aren’t safe for your computer or don’t actually help you in the game. Use our free hacks to get further in Game of War Fire Age than you ever have before.

Orange box review

Orange box review
Hey guys! Do you remember the Orange Box packed with peta-impressive games? In the history of gaming, it was and is one of the best and greatest values for money one can spend on. This gaming console is packed with the world-class content which is being redefined from the classic games by Valve. It is basically a package for everyone as it is equipped with almost everything which a gamer seeks out for. It includes all the greatest 1st person shooters as well as the original and best content chosen from throughout the year.

The Orange Box comes with five distinct games including Half-Life 2 with sequels Episode One and Two, Portal: A puzzle game and Team Fortress 2. The game Half-Life 2 with its sequel of Episode One was released back in 2004 and 2006 simultaneously for PC. Other three games including Episode 2 along with Portal and Team Fortress 2 layout the whole new content. The content is quite identical of The Orange Box PS3 version and Xbox 360 which is recently launched and PC versions.
All the games are based on impressive graphics engine but they are quite different from each other as these are something stored in for everyone. On PC, these games are launched separately but on Xbox 360, these games open up in a menu where in the user can select any of the five games and when they quit a particular game, it directs them back to the selection menu. There are vast differences between the PC version and Xbox 360 version of the games but it quite hard for going wrong with any of the one version.

For the beginners, it is recommended to go with PC version of The Orange Box which is even 10$ cheaper than the Xbox 360 version and even it will look better only if you have modern hardware for your PC. The Orange Box version Xbox 360 doesn’t run as smoothly as the PC version might be because of the frame rate. The graphics used in the games look quite good in the 2004 version rather than in 2007 one and even they doesn’t do any marvellous job while viewing them on HDTV.
The games included in The Orange Box features a perfect combo of thought-provoking gameplay along with a sense of humour which is even terrific. All the five games have got outstanding sound and even users will never get ended up with anything on the disc. Though the predecessors stand out as a relatively weak link in comparison with the sequels but playing them is a fun too.
Besides all, The Orange Box is a great deal for all which gives an ultimate experience of playing video games. Do you think it needs more improvement?